Moronic but terrific!
...wanted to share this hokum, might be fun ... or not... hihihi!

Such moronic idiocy has to be showed international, hahaha!

But sometimes even relatively meaningful things...

Why is my i30 actually named "blue", although it is red? Probably when it is mellow, it gets blue...
What a moronism! Just uploaded a video at YouTube.
No chance to be more silly,
take a look...
Aha! Have compiled all the unpicked photos! Photos
Hihihi, an old pic! As I saw this sign at a construction area, I nearly fell off my car by laughing! Even though the doors were closed... Take a look at the expected end of construction!
October 3009 I MUST get to know the guy, who sticked the 3 onto this sign!!!
ALIENS!!! Directly next to my home an UFO has landet ...
I will drink to that!
Macarico... but not for the cat!
The largest grill of the world! This thing is 30 years old, and my daddy built it completely. Cool, or not? BBQ-"Party" with parents

28.08.2013: My parents celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary today! Impressive!

Woohoo! My Sharknado T-Shirt was delivered today! What a fun! So happy! Hihihi
SHARKNADO T-Shirt (I bought this at ebay, was not my invention... Sharknado-Weather-T-Shirt )
Once a Fan, always a Fan! I have always been faithful!
Even though I look just insane...
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Cap
Hahaha!! Just told Dakota: "Do not mewl around, this is cat's gimcrack!" Meow!
There are so many interesting persons, with whom I would love to drink a beer (or wine or coffee). Thinking about to make a list and publish here...
Why not?
But why?
Absolutely crazy!! Crazy Pikachu Cap
Why do black cats also have black noses? While most white cats have a pink schnoz? Timo and I talked about this. We both believe, a black cat with a pink nose would look awful. So, that is the reason! Black cats just do not want to look goofy!
Haaaaahaha! Timo has got insect's-caring-lotion!!! (Do not give to spiders!!)
Unbelievable! While shopping I found a gnat-caring-lotion and roared with laughter! Of course did not buy it! I cannot believe that the gnats will be calm, so I can put some lotion on them...
...and have seen a brown i30. I could cry! Who tells the folks, what is trendy? E.g. brown cars! Last year, I think (metallic-earth-colored). Oh, yag! Cannot understand why somebody would like to own such a thing...
Told Sabata:
"Take your cat's tail out of my coffee cup!"

What a bullshit! As if he has not a CAT
's tail, but any other...
Tonight been staring at a photo of a guy and thought: "Ohh! Sooo cute!!
Something like you, I'd love to have as a pet!"
Mean! But also so cool! Now you would like to know the photo... right?
Cute plushies: Pikachu, Plusle und Minun


TOP 6 - Movies

...Movies, if you know them, you would probably wear a straitjacket some day...


"Skeleton Man"


"Mega Piranha"






"Jack Frost"


"Two Headed Shark Attack"

Questions - and answers

...perhaps you learn something about my personality... probably not!


Andrea´s answer:

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars!
Coffee or tea? coffee
Blue oder yellow? yellow

Dog or cat?

Camping or world cruise? absolutely camping!
Car or motorcycle? car
Lego or Playmobil? FABULAND!
Cola or Fanta? Cola light
Beer or wine? all in good time
Orange juice or champagne? definitely champagne!
Autoradio or CD? HEAVY METAL!!! (so: CD, USB...)
House or apartment? apartment
Train or plane? ALWAYS aircraft!
Rain oder snow? Rain!!
Day or Night? come what may...
Today or tomorrow? next month
Give or take? give!! from my heart!
CD or LP? MP3! (hihihi)


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